Grow Your Instagram™ Audience

Let us manage your account for you. Our team will get you real followers that are genuinely engaged with your brand. CrwdBoost understands the importance of having a strong social media following. Growing your Instagram™ account takes a lot of work especially when you are busy building your brand or creating a stronger presence in your community. We handle everything else while you focus building your brand and content creation.




Instagram™ Growth

We specialize in boosting your Instagram™ and followers at a consistent maintainable pace to take your brand to the next level.

Proven growth methods

We use proven growth methods for boosting and maintaining a large social media following. Results range from 500 - 2,500 new followers per month.

Target curated audience

Our team takes your suggested accounts, brand, competitors and hashtags to create a unique campaign just for you.


Hashtag & Geo-targeting

Under our premium plan, our team can target potential new followers using hashtags and geo-locations.

Increase your reach

Expand your market and reach new audiences, or maybe just become a prominent presence in your current community.

Personal account manager

After signing up for CrwdBoost, you will be assigned an account manager who will be available to to answer any questions and/or assist with your account.


First, CrwdBoost gets to know you..

Tell us a little about your brand by listing similar accounts, brands or competitors and target hashtags. Signing up is quick with our custom registration, and fully secure payment processing through Stripe.

Next, we create a unique campaign just for you.

Our team targets a curated audience using the @users and #hashtags you provide us. We use this information to optimize your account for follower growth.

Then, watch as your brand grows.

CrwdBoost will launch your uniquely curated campaign. Just sit back, watch your followers steadily increase and profit as your brand grows.


A quick overview of our membership tiers.


  • 1 Instagram™ account

  • Safe & Secure

  • Audience Account Targeting

  • Personalize Organic Growth

  • 24/7 Management

$12.99 / week


  • 1 Instagram™ account

  • Safe & Secure

  • Audience Account Targeting

  • Personalize Organic Growth

  • 24/7 Management

$39.99 / month


  • 1 Instagram™ account

  • Everything Included in the Standard Plan

  • Hashtag, Location & Gender Targeting

  • Commenting

  • Enhanced Filtering for High Quality Followers

$69.99 / month


  • Multiple Instagram Accounts
  • Increased Followers & Engagement
  • Unlimited targeting
  • Personalized Organic Growth for Each Account
  • 24/7 Management