Popular Questions

How soon after I purchase a membership will I see results?

Once your campaign is active, our team immediately begins working on your account. Campaigns launch within 24 hours of signing up.

What is the difference the Standard and Premium membership plans?

Both memberships deliver real, powerful growth to your Instagram™ account. With our Premium membership we double your exposure, which means you’ll be getting 2-3x more traffic, engagement, and growth than you would with the Standard membership.

The Premium membership also offers priority support, ensuring any questions or account changes are addressed promptly – a particularly useful feature for brands or influencers.

Is your service safe to use?

Absolutely. Our service uses organic marketing techniques to deliver real growth to your account. We work well within the constraints of Instagram™ and we do everything possible to ensure that your account is both safe and secure while using CrwdBoost.

Are the followers I gain real?

Yes, the followers you gain are 100% real and engaging accounts. We do not sell you fake followers. The followers you gain are based on the target audience you provide us so they will be naturally engaged with your content and/or profile.

If you want to buy followers, likes, or comments, we’re not the right service. We are a social media marketing service that helps you grow your Instagram™ account.

Can I purchase multiple subscriptions?

Yes! Simply choose a plan for each Instagram account. We manage multiple accounts for several agencies and clients.

Do you work with agencies?

Of course. In fact, many of our clients are agencies who are offloading the time-consuming work to our team. For some agencies, we’re handling their entire portfolio of client accounts. Here are some important points:

When working with agencies, we perform our service on a white-label basis.

  • CrwdBoost team will never interact directly with the agency’s clients.
  • CrwdBoost team works with the agency to onboard the client account, and perform the login process.
  • CrwdBoost team works with the agency to determine the targeting for the client account.
  • CrwdBoost team invoices the agency directly if on a custom plan, otherwise the agency can sign up to any of our existing plans.

For more information, contact us directly at hello@crwdboost.com and we can discuss your client accounts.

Do you work on corporate or accounts?

Yes. We manage Instagram accounts for several well-known brands (discreetly, of course.)

How does your team grow accounts?

Through the use of various marketing tactics, we identify and target specific accounts that are likely to follow, engage, or purchase from you. Such activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Targeting – through analysis of competitors, similar accounts, hashtags, and location, we can determine a target list of users for growth activities.
  • Follow / Unfollow – Our team will follow accounts, then unfollow those accounts that do not reciprocate. Since we only follow people that fit your target audience, these are all high-quality, valuable users likely to engage with your brand or account. This is by far the most impactful method to grow accounts.
  • Likes – If requested, we can Like photos on a consistent basis. This can potentially encourage others to visit your account and follow you.
  • Comments – If requested, we can comment on relevant accounts. To do this, clients will provide us Approved Comments list that fits their tone, brand, and audience. Some clients choose not to take advantage of this, and that’s perfectly fine as well.

Managing Accounts

Do I have access to a dashboard?

Our service is completely hands-free and is fully-managed by your growth specialist – this means they are monitoring your campaign and continuously optimizing your targets to ensure that your growth is maximized. Therefore, we do not currently provide access to a dashboard.

However, if you’d like to make any changes to your account or your target audience, you can update your CrwdBoost profile or contact your growth specialist. Our team is on standby and can help you with any of these requests. Simply send an email to: support@crwdboost.com and someone will be available to help you.

How can I update campaign settings and target audience?

Simply sign into your CrwdBoost profile to update the necessary information or reach out to your growth specialist at: support@crwdboost.com and they will be able to update or remove your current targets, add new targets, adjust your campaign settings, and answer any other questions you may have about your account, campaign, or growth.

Can I change my Instagram™ username and/or password?

You absolutely can. Simply email our team at support@crwdboost.com immediately to prevent any interruptions in service.

Can I use my Instagram™ account while using CrwdBoost?

Yes – you may use your Instagram™ account as you normally would while using CrwdBoost. However, your growth specialists work hard to ensure that your account is performing the necessary actions to maximize your growth, therefore, we recommend that you keep your own engagement (liking a lot of photos) to a minimum, allowing our team to maintain a safe level of engagement for you.

Can I set my Instagram account to private?

Yes – you may set your account to private. Having a private profile may affect your growth, we suggest to switch to a public profile for maximum results.

Will I lose my followers if I stop using your service?

Absolutely not. The followers you gain as a result of using CrwdBoost are real and follow you because they are genuinely interested in your content. They will not disappear when you stop using CrwdBoost.

Billing & Subscription

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription, simply send an email to: billing@crwdboost.com with your request. We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours.

As a reminder, your service will continue until the end of your billing cycle. For example, if your billing cycle ends on the 31st, but you sent a cancellation request on the 15th, even though your subscription will be terminated on the 15th, you will continue to see growth until the 30th. If you’d like to stop the service immediately, please ask your growth specialist to do so.

Be sure to submit your cancellation request prior to your next billing cycle. If you have already been billed, your cancellation request will not take effect until the following month.

Can I pause my campaign?

Yes – you may pause your campaign at any time. Simply send an email to: support@crwdboost.com and ask your growth specialist to pause your campaign for you. This is a great option if you’d like to keep your targets and account information ready for when you’d like to restart your campaign in the future. However, we cannot pause your billing.

How can I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. Sign into your CrwdBoost profile to change your membership within the “Manage Memberships” section or send an email to: support@crwdboost.com and one of our growth specialists will be happy to help.

Is there a contract required?

No, there is no contract required to use our service. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your membership at anytime.

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